The human voice: the most essential communication tool

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Whether teaching new skills, imparting information, or simply telling a story, the way in which your information is presented makes a huge difference in the way the listener remembers the topic.

With over two decades of experience in delivering compelling voiceovers for online learning, Doug’s natural, intelligent, and friendly read can give voice to your:

❖ Online training courses

❖ Marketing materials

❖ Commercials

❖ Social media pieces

❖ Narration

Having studied voice acting, narration and audio book techniques from such industry luminaries as Dolores Diehl, Stephen Hoye and Gabrielle De Cuir, Doug has the skills necessary to bring an effective vocal performance to your material.

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Audio Narration Samples

Click the play buttons below to hear sample narration audio.

Sample E-Learning Narration: Employee On-the-Job Observations Case Study
Sample E-Learning Narration: Recap and Knowledge Check